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About Gilead Healing Center

Having been around since 2000, the many chiropractors and healing practitioners that have called Gilead Healing Center home all share a common goal -to provide a biblical approach to health that combines the natural with the supernatural.

Simply put, we believe that God created the body to work a certain way and gave us the natural tools necessary to correct any disturbances that take place.

The Story Behind Our Name

The Gilead was a mountainous region that was situated to the east of the Jordan River. Mentioned in the Bible on several occasions, it represented a place of healing. In fact, many people who used to frequent the region became fond of what was known as the “balm of Gilead,” a special healing ointment with soothing powers that was only found there.

Our Services

The entire Gilead Healing Center team hopes to be able to provide a place of healing for the mind, spirit and body while providing focused and specific care for the needs of each individual patient. We’re happy to provide all of the following, including:

Discover the Gilead Healing Center Difference

If you’re ready to feel better and heal better, we’d love to see your family in our care. Contact us today to get started with natural and effective chiropractic. We can’t wait to help improve the function of your body and life!