Donate to Gilead Healing Center

Help us help others in transition.

The Gilead Healing Center Health Gap Fund does just that! We meet the needs of those coming out of sex trafficking, homelessness, addiction and others through donations directly from you. We provide basic chiropractic, counseling, medical, and nutritional needs solely through the financial support of individuals. As people come out of abusive and horrific circumstances many are in physical pain alongside their emotional fight. Can you imagine when physical pain is eased; these individuals can focus better transitioning out of where they have been into the new. From families coming out of homelessness to individuals at the House of promise, as of March 1, 2019 we have been here to help. Donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated as we help those in our community take steps towards a life. Currently we are helping eight to twelve individuals and hope to double our ability to serve through your donations in 2020. Please consider a monthly partnership or a one-time fulfillment. Thank you for your heart to help the ‘once’ hopeless.

Dr. Denise Rassel