New Patients

Welcome to Gilead Healing Center! From the moment you enter our loving and friendly office, we hope you’ll feel like you’ve come to the right place to heal. Feel free to enjoy our on-site prayer chapel while you wait to be taken back for your care.

At our practice, we truly want what’s best for your family and hope you’ll feel at home with us.

We offer our forms online if you’d like to get a head start, download the form, fill it out, print and bring it in with you when you visit.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

When you arrive for your first visit, we’ll speak with you about what’s brought you in to get a better idea of your health history and what’s bothering you. We’ll then do a full analysis of your spine complete with X-rays.

Your Second Chiropractic Visit

On your second visit, your doctor will discuss a full report of findings with you and show you based on your X-rays where the problem is. We’ll lay out a specific and custom care plan that can help you and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. If you’d like to begin care this same day, we’ll gladly perform your first adjustment!

Ongoing Care At Gilead Healing Center

We want our patients to feel happy and healthy for life, which is why we typically recommend some type of ongoing care and home regiment after you’re feeling better, though the choice is entirely up to you.


If you’d like to learn more about how natural, safe and effective chiropractic care can help your family, please contact our practice today to get started. We look forward to helping your mind, body and spirit heal!