Massage Therapy Lansing MI

Massage Therapy

How Massage Helps

If you’re dealing with recurring spinal injuries, chiropractic care is usually focused on retraining your spinal muscles to hold your vertebra in the correct position. When you add massage therapy to this care, the surrounding muscles and tissue are encouraged to relax and repair. This helps to speed your recovery and helps you feel better in the long run. We only accept MESSA insurance.

With several types of massage treatments available, Gilead Healing Center is proud to offer care that can help:

  • Eliminate fluid retention
  • Promote relaxation
  • Stimulate intestines
  • Reduce muscular patterning
  • Improve posture
  • Re-balance your mind and body
  • Relieve pain in your joints and muscles

Meet Our Massage Therapist, Vivian

Vivian joined Gilead Healing Center after following God’s calling into the field of health and wellness. Vivian specializes in massage that can benefit TMJ, relaxation, sinus and headache problems, lymphatic, maternity and even infant massage. When she isn’t helping patients relax in our practice, she enjoys spending time with her husband Doug, daughters and granddaughters.